We Love Honey Bee's!

September 25, 2018



Although we do love actual honey bees, that’s not what we’re talking about here! Re-URBAN-It is welcoming Honey Bee’s Bath Bomb products to our store! With several different and natural bath bombs, butters, shampoo and conditioners, etc., we are super excited to offer them all to our valued customers!


Brenda Ross, creator and owner of Honey Bee’s Bath Bombs, started this business after using bath bombs with her granddaughter and finding out that there was corn starch in them! This prompted her mission in creating bath bombs without the corn starch because it is loaded sugar, so they are safe for your body! Ross makes all her products by hand, giving this company an organic and safe appeal with products that love your skin.


Once the bath bombs began to take off, the product line grew! Honey Bee’s offers a plethora of items from their detergent free bar soap to their whipped shea butter formula that leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed! Below, we have listed some of their products and their properties that will leave you raving!

  • Honey Bee’s Shower Steamers are great for anyone who needs help with congestion and cold-like symptoms. You can either run a lot under the water if you feel as though you need more, or only use a little bit for a slight affect. The aroma is strong so Honey Bee’s recommends that you do not put this in the bath and hang it up in your shower after use!

  • Another product we love is the all-natural insect repellent! This formula is made up off essential oils and an avocado base to help prevent bites, while leaving your skin feeling moisturized!

  • Their solid shampoo and conditioner bars are amazing for an organic and fresh new hair washing duo! Available in different scents, it’s perfect for anyone looking for something new in their shower.

  • The exfoliating shower Scrubbly Bubbly Bars are made with baking soda, citric acid, cocoa butter, shea butter and sugar! They’re the perfect product to exfoliate and leave your skin soft and hydrated.

  • The Drone Beard Balm is a hot product for men! With a moisturizing and hydrating formula, this special wax will leave any man’s beard and skin under their beard silky soft.

  • Not only is their original whipped shea butter a best selling product, they also offer a whipped shea butter with CBD Isolate. This is amazing to use one any part of the body where you’re feeling pain for quick relief and to moisturizing.


All of these amazing products and more are offered in our store and through Honey Bee’s Bath Bombs directly. And, what is even better, is that none of these organic products are over $25, so you’ll be keeping your body hydrated and soft, while not breaking your wallet. They can make custom products for parties with different shapes, scents and colors! If you have any more questions, please contact Brenda Ross on their Facebook page @honeybeesbathbombs!

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